The Realest Turf in 2018 Is Artificial

The Realest Turf in 2018 Is Artificial

Table of Contents

  • What Is Artificial Turf?
  • Why Choose Synthetic Turf?
  • Save Money
  • We Grow More Lawns Than Crops
  • Pricing and Costs
  • Add Some Features To Your Turf
  • Business / Landlord Benefits
  • What Is This Maintenance You Speak Of
  • Don’t Forget:
  • Fun For The Whole Family
  • Give Us A Call

What Is Artificial/Synthetic Turf?

Simply put, artificial turf is a woven mesh of synthetic fibers designed to mimic the appearance of natural grass while costing less to maintain. Turf has come a long way since it’s space-age introduction in the 1960’s, and modern examples have advanced into looking (and feeling) identical to a natural, well-trimmed grass yard.

Because it’s such a viable alternative to grass, artificial turf is growing in popularity. By most professional estimates, the turf industry is expanding 10-15% each year as property owners are finding useful and creative ways to easily add green to their place. Most turf investments pay for themselves within 7 years and last much longer too.

The idea of replacing a perfectly good lawn seems extreme. But if it didn’t work, people wouldn’t be adopting it as rapidly as we’re seeing today.  

Still not convinced? Read below for specifics or give us a call today! We’ll make sure your turf installation starts off on the right foot. It’s time to join the millions who are enjoying hassle-free green lawns, playgrounds, and patios thanks to Helms Landscaping.

Ready to ditch growing and start saving?

Why Choose Synthetic Turf?

It might have a fake sounding name, but it’s the most realistic solution to many issues surrounding regular grass. From reduced upkeep costs to smaller carbon footprints, there’s a reason so many homeowners are making the switch. Let’s start your landscape remodel off right with a foundation of synthetic grass and build virtually anything you can imagine.

1) Saves Money

Turf has come a long way from when it was first introduced in the mid 20th century. Years of innovation has led to UV resistant colors, steadfast fibers, and non-toxic materials that are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Not only has synthetic grass made lawns more appealing, it helps with water conservation efforts too.

On average, it takes over a half gallon to water a square foot of grass. With average lawn sizes only getting bigger, (and everything’s bigger in Texas) that adds up to hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per year!

Plus, how much are you spending on gardening? Grass needs to be cut, weeds pulled, edges trimmed and fertilizers added. These gardening costs vary, but the average homeowner spends $4,000 a year on lawn upkeep, and what do they get in return?

The color green. Idyllic visions of suburbia that mislead us into thinking all the money and effort we spend on our yard are worth it. Lawns MUST be grass? Says who? Modern turf today looks identical to natural grass, and most can’t tell the difference.

2) Grow More Lawns Than Crops

In fact, our obsessions with grass are starting to get the better of us. According to an experiment at NASA, we grow more grass per square foot in the United States than top cultivated food crops like wheat and corn.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out NASA’s Earth Observatory experiment or Gizmodo’s article on this. Consumers should realize how minuscule the benefits of growing a lawn are, and consider a smarter approach to landscaping instead.

realest turf3) Pricing and Costs

Our price per square foot averages about $9-$15 per square foot depending on turf and infill selected. For an average 800 square foot lawn, total costs would be about $7,200 – $13,500. In as much as 3 years your investment will pay for itself in savings!

Our synthetic grass provides you with a breathtaking landscape that requires less upkeep and a 16-year warranty to boot. All of our products are non-toxic and lead-free, so you’ll have a safe landscape for any household, business or school.

4) Added Features

Just because we sell by the square foot doesn’t mean your yard has to be square too.

One of the of the coolest benefits of turf is the ability to install it creatively into any pattern or layout. Synthetic turf is extremely adaptable, so if you’re looking to do something expressive when reinventing your yard, turf is the way to go!

It’s best to pick plants that are low-maintenance like the turf they’ll be living beside. For example, water efficient annual and perennial flowers are a good way to keep your landscape colorful year round.

Too much green can be an eyesore, especially during sunny days when colors are most vibrant. Some people like to break up these large green areas by placing stepping stones, fencing, rock beds, fountains, or anything else your imagination conjures up.  

5) Business / Landlord Benefits

Turf is especially suited to commercial applications, where gardening and utility costs can be two or three times as much as residential. It adds up quickly, so having something you don’t have to mow, water, or worry about turning brown means you can focus on the things you actually go to work for, and not groundskeeping.

Ever heard of buildings with rooftops of artificial turf? Creative property owners aren’t just saving their yards, but finding turf makes a decent insulator and attractive rooftop oasis for tenants. Pick a turf with thick tuft and high drainage rates and you’ll find it easier to keep your building cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

6) What Is This Maintenance You Speak Of?

“What is the best way to clean my artificial turf?” We get this question all the time. While turf is easier than grass to keep, some occasional yard work is required. Plus, your lawn will last longer and maintain a more natural appearance with regular cleaning measures. In short, If you can hose off a driveway once a week or so, you’ll have no problem cleaning your yard either.

For most homeowners, a weekly rinse will keep accumulated dust or small debris off your turf. For leaves, rocks, mulch, or trash, we suggest using a non-metallic stiff bristle broom or rake as needed to gently comb the turf as opposed to a blower. This also helps maintain your turf’s upright appearance.

Pet Owners:

Pet owners will want to use special microbial infill to handle pet waste. You may want to consider upping how often you rinse your turf and focus more water on the areas of turf their pet usually handles their business on. Solid pet waste should be scooped and removed before watering, but the good news is that our pet infill will take care of breaking down odors and any residual pet waste for you.

7) Fun For The Whole Family

With so many mobile video screens glued to noses, a fresh landscape is a push your family needs for fresh air and exercise. Our bodies were meant to move, so why not get out and enjoy some new memories on your beautifully green non-toxic lawn?  

So Much Turf, So Many Choices

There’s a whole landscape of options to choose from for turf, including infill, color, or style. With so much to decide, it’s easy to overlook details you wish you’d noticed sooner. Are you a potential buyer? Keep these tips in mind, and you can focus on finding the right shade of green instead.

Don’t Forget The Following Either:

  • Drainage and Permeability Rates. Synthetic turf doesn’t need water as natural grass does, but it still has to be permeable in the event of heavy rainfall. Low-quality turf won’t drain well because they used poor-flowing perforated sheet backings, which brings up our next point:
  • Turf Backing. Some turf will use layered glue backing to attach fibers, which uses harsh chemicals in the process. Our turf features a non-woven PuR Flow backing that flows an impressive 234” per hour, without toxic glues or sealant.
  • High-Efficiency Windows and Reflections. South facing windows and reflective surfaces can actually focus sunlight onto your turf and shrink or melt it! Note any Reflections or glare on your lawn during different times of the day. Don’t forget, the sun gets higher and more intense in the summer months!
  • Quality Installer. Save yourself from a DIY project that costs more to fix; we supply and install excellent quality turf that lasts. Helms Landscape is a licensed SGS Turf dealer, known for their 16 year UV resistance and nontoxic durability against all conditions.

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