Why Hire A Professional Turf Installer?

Why Hire A Professional Turf Installer?

When DIY Isn’t A Viable Choice

Artificial turf has grown tremendously in popularity. Therefore, many Americans are increasingly becoming aware of the economic benefits and maintenance benefits of synthetic turf over natural grass. More and more, people want synthetic turf greens for their yards. However, if you’re like many and you want to save money by DIY-ing your turf and skipping out on hiring a professional turf installer, consider the following first:

Longevity Over Quick Solutions

Helms Landscape Design, LLC takes great pride in providing our customers with the highest-quality, synthetic turf and infill in the Houston, Texas area. Because we know cheap infill doesn’t last, and in some cases, cheaper infill can be dangerous. Furthermore, cheap turf can overheat quickly.

Experienced Turf Installers Get the Job Done Correctly

Helms Landscape Design, LLC knows that less reliable vendors are capitalizing on the synthetic turf boom and providing poorly made products to honest Americans. But our turf lasts through the harshest elements and many years. Well-intentioned vendors try to do what we do for a cheaper price and they do not succeed. When you’re shopping for artificial grass, you won’t gain the same quality when you pick the cheaper stuff. Choose a team of experienced professionals to get the job done.

Installing Great Turf Takes Skill

Depending on where your turf and windows are, sunlight can reflect and melt some turf products. Also, cheaply made turf products made from hazardous materials inside aren’t safe for your family. There are countless hidden details that experts understand only. Hiring a professional turf installer team ensures you won’t find annoying surprises later that will cost you more than what you paid for.

10-Year Limited Warranty

We’re so committed to quality and ensuring that our customers do not purchase poorly-made infill and cheap turf, that we use a 10-year limited warranty that makes sure all our products last!

Call a Turf Installer You Can Trust

If you rather leave your artificial turf installation to the experts, call us today! We’re eager to chat with you honestly about what your specific yard needs. Helms Landscape puts the ‘art’ in artificial turf. Our team will supply all the needed tools and designs so that you can affordably upgrade your front or backyard.

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