5 Tips To Maintain Your Artificial Turf During Winter

Many homeowners and business managers choose artificial turf for their lawns because of its resilience year-round. While a turf lawn requires little maintenance throughout the year, you should still pay attention during the temperature changes.

Here are our 5 tips on how to maintain your artificial turf lawn during winter. 

Clean Debris

If leaves and other debris fall around your lawn during seasonal changes, give your outdoor spaces some maintenance. It’s easy to clean every week or so to keep your turf free of clutter and debris.

Ease Up Foot Traffic

Artificial turf is more resilient than natural grass. However, in extremely cold temperatures, the fibers may become brittle and break. Therefore, walk on your turf lawn with ease if the weather in your area drops below freezing.

Re-examine Your Turf’s Base

When the seasons change, nature’s elements might have an impact on the materials used to secure your turf down to its base. Before the temperature changes significantly, check that your turf is firmly secured in place. Furthermore, add nails or reseal any areas if needed. Always call a professional turf installer for more serious repairs.

Let Snow and Ice Melt Naturally

If you get snow in your area, let it melt away naturally. You can pour warm water on the snow that accumulates inside your turf to make it melt a bit faster. But don’t try too many other home remedies because you might damage the base and interfere with the draining capabilities of your lawn.

Shovel Carefully

What if tons of snow inundate your turf lawn? Then shovel carefully through the snow piles. Use a plastic shove instead. Do not use a metal shovel on turf because it can damage the turf’s fibers.

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