How Artificial Turf Changed Through The Years

The artificial turf industry has gone through a host of changes since it first appeared on athletic fields decades ago. Modern synthetic turf grass looks and feels like natural grass and is safer for you to use than ever before. Here we discuss some of the ways artificial turf has changed through the years!

Once Upon A Time

In past days, turf grass was short and looked more like outdoor carpet than fresh grass. Though the turf of older days was quite durable, it didn’t look or feel natural. Furthermore, a thick rubber backing was used underneath that absorbed pressure from foot traffic along with foul odors and excess moisture.

And while turf was seen on athletic fields, its propensity to lock in bad odors and look fake made it unattractive to use for residential yards. Most alarmingly, older turf contained lead back then, which posed a significant danger to people, small children, and pets.

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Today’s Turf

Today, artificial turf is made of polyethylene and nylon, making it safer. Also, the difference in materials make turf today look and feel like real grass. Turf now comes in a variety of green shades to fit every customers’ needs. So long are the days of crunchy, unattractive, and unsafe turf. Artificial turf products made from experienced turf installers and experts feel great on bare feet!

Okay, what if you don’t care much about the look and feel of a turf lawn. After all, no one wants to spend money on their lawn if the products purchased don’t last. Great news! Today’s turf is also more durable than ever before. Turf today does not fade nor can it be easily damaged by heavy foot traffic or pet wear. New products are so well made today, that many turf packages come with 10-year warranties.

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Infill Advancements

One of the most significant changes made to modern artificial turf is its infill. Instead of a rubber backing that doesn’t allow for drainage done the right way, today’s infill promotes proper flow. Therefore, your dog can even use the restroom and you can still wash it afterward without worrying that it will get trapped within.

Proper drainage today also means cleaning is easier than ever before. Those who have followed turf’s changes throughout the years know how low maintenance turf lawns are today. In fact, that’s artificial turf’s greatest selling point! A regular lawn hose can clean up your turf areas where heavy foot traffic occurs or pet droppings.

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