8 Patriotic Landscaping Ideas | 4th of July

8 Patriotic Landscaping Ideas for 4th of July

The 4th of July is a time full of joy and pride for our forefathers. Our minds are full of the spirit of our country in celebration. However, how can we show off our patriotism into our yards? There are many ways to prepare your lawn for this wonderful holiday, and we’ll be talking about the top 8 ways to successfully prep up your lawn with some patriotic landscaping!

1. Yard Signs and Flags for Your Lawn

The easiest and best way to decorate your house is yard signs. With so many people who pass by your home, it can be easy to catch some attention. It can be one of the most versatile 4th of July decorations for how easily customizable it can be. They can set the mood for the holiday and any parties you may be having as well. You can also not only use yard signs but flags as well.

These simple decorations can give both a touch of patriotism and allure to your home. It’s simple to set them up, and they can provide you with an easy upgrade to your yard. Pairing flags with some yard signs can certainly add an extra touch as well. However, maybe consider talking with a landscape specialist beforehand. It can be difficult to choose the right decorations for your yard sometimes, and having an experienced pair of eyes can be a blessing.

2. Planting Trees with History: White Marseilles Figs

Even with flags and yard decorations on your lawn, there’s nothing that beats the beauty of celebrating history. Many of our forefathers did gardening, which can give us great ideas for 4th of July Landscaping. Thomas Jefferson is one of the most notable of the presidents and did a lot of gardening at his estate. He also, among his achievements, managed to cultivate the white Marseilles fig.

It’s a rather hardy tree, with growing conditions like that of black mission and other varietals. The tree has very delicious tasting figs that can provide you with a sweet treat. It also does well as a shade tree. You can consult Helms for more information on whether or not the tree is right for you. There are other trees that you can substitute as well.

3. Patriotic Patterned Raised Beds

Ideas for working on your dream 4th of July Landscape can be a bit of a hassle at first, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many ideas, some which you can ask us about. One of these ideas would be making a raised bed with a pattern of the US flag. Your local specialist can be of assistance, helping you obtain the colors necessary to make this dream come true. However, if you aren’t sure you want something so permanent as that, simply ask about making a layout of the US flag in flowers.

There are quite a few flowers you could use for decorating your 4th of July yard, like vincas, daisies, and petunias. Vincas, also known as the Madagascar periwinkle, are very good candidates for their colors and ease of growth. Daisies are colorful as well and come in many different shapes, sizes, species, and growth habits. Petunias are easy to maintain and perennial in warmer weather. Ask your landscape specialist if you want to learn more; there are many kinds of flowers that can help create your dream bed.

4. Paint a Flag on your Lawn


Flags are an easy and popular ornament for your lawn. They show off your love for America. There’s no better way to do this than painting a beautiful flag on your lawn as a 4th of July Decoration. It’s easy and fun to do, and you can be the talk of the neighborhood too! You can also involve the family in its creation, as it can provide a good way to strengthen family bonds and show your American Spirit.

It can be difficult to do this without any prior experience; however, it doesn’t have to be. Maybe you’d like to get advice on what paint would be safe for the grass or what you can do to make it safe for pets. Asking on making it safe for grass wouldn’t hurt either. Some advice from a landscaper like Helms would surely put your garden in gear and be the talk of the neighborhood.

5. Decorating your Lawn with Flag Planters

An easy upgrade to your lawn is spreading out different planters on your lawn. It can be a wonderful activity to put these in front of your porch for all to see. You can also have fun deciding the right flower to put in these planters. It can be overwhelming to choose the right one, however. You could ask Helms Landscaping for assistance, as their experts can guide you on where to put your planters.

If your pots are lacking, you could also try painting some flags on your pots. It’s a simple thing which can add some flair to any porch planters you may have. If you wish to put in some extra effort to your 4th of July Decor you could also plant red, white, and blue flowers into the pots. Start with something like calendulas, zinnias, or lupines. All these different flowers are easy to maintain and can give you seasons enjoyment as well.

6. Morning Glories in Red, White, and Blue

We all know our colorful flag’s famous colors, so why not plant some vines? Morning Glories are annuals in most of the continental US, except in warmer regions without frost. They come in many different kinds of colors like purple, pink, and other colors of the rainbow. These plants are able to grow in many different kinds of soil, and quite quickly as well. For a 4th of July Landscape, they’re a tough candidate to beat!

However, because they like to vine out and grow quickly, they’re poor candidates in a raised bed. They work best in a planter or grown near somewhere they can vine around (such as a trellis). A specialist like Helm’s Landscape can give you the best idea of whether or not morning glories would be the right choice for you. Experienced landscapers like them can easily help you grow your dream yard for the 4th of July. They can also help keep the guesswork out of fertilizing, pruning and maintenance which can be a bit hard to judge depending on the plant.

7. Patriotic Plants for Your Garden

Did you know that one of the most popular Revolutionary-Era plants was tobacco? It’s a good idea for patriotic gardens, as the flowers attract pollinators from all around the garden! There are many kinds of Tobacco as well, and each one is quite unique with its own colors and resistances. Globe Artichokes was another plant that settlers(like Thomas Jefferson) planted. It was grown for sustenance but was also difficult to start off.

You can also talk to our landscapers about other historic plants which graced the gardens of revolutionary-era settlers. Plants like cotton were another one, and some can be quite ornamental. They can also come in natural colors like green and red, both of which can make wonderful crafts (maybe even a good choice for 4th of July decor). However, they also need fertilizing and care which can be overwhelming to those new to planting them. Helm’s can give you advice on what can best support your dream revolutionary garden.

8. Decorating your Stairs or Pathway

Porch stairs are another candidate for adding that patriotic flare. Giving them a flag pattern is easy and fun. You can also put planters on the sides and give them extra value ornamentally. The paths or stairs in your yard could be painted with washable paint if you’re looking for a temporary design. There’s a lot of plants you could use for the sides of your 4th of July Landscape.

Besides the already mentioned, you could use trees as well for gracing the sides. Patriotic topiaries are a great idea for giving your pathway that design which you’re looking for.

Bottom Line

It can be confusing to start off making your dream 4th of July Yard, but you don’t need to over worry! With Helms by your side, you can make your dreams of a clean, beautiful yard come true. We can take the work out of your hands so you can spend more time with your family and friends on our country’s holiday. You also won’t need to mull over the details all day, because we can help you review your options and seize your 4th of July. Call us today!

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