Small Space? No Problem! Here’s How to Design Your Tiny Yard

Here’s How to Design Your Tiny Yard

Every yard can be a treasure trove of possibilities. From the largest of yards to the tiniest of spaces, there are so many ways you can express yourself. Yet, for smaller yards, it can be more difficult to decide. Aren’t sure of how to design your dream yard? Read on to learn more about how to start off working on it!

Starting With Your Design Process: The Basics

Before we get into the meat of the topic, how can you begin making your dreams come true? The first thing you should do is check out whether your soil is viable. It’s important to get your soil tested and amended. If your tiny backyard is under fertilized, you should consider getting someone to help you. If you’re unsure, you can talk with Helm’s for advice on how to amp up your soil nutrients.

Besides the nutrient levels of the soil, you should ensure it has a healthy ecosystem to grow your plants in. Healthy soil is often rich and dark, having a rich microbiome. Its viability will often depend on whether or not you have loam, clay, or other such soil materials. Good soil health means healthy plants. Yet, besides good soil health, you should look into adding grass to your garden.

Choosing Grass for Your Yard

The first step to a beautiful looking backyard is the grass. Grass comes in many different shapes, sizes, and species. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to research. Some grasses, like bermudagrass, may offer you some resistance when it comes to heat. Zoysia grass is more resistant to cold temperatures.

For your Tiny Yard, you could also consider wheat grass or cat grass. These grasses would do better in pots, but both provide an elegant cover which can be healthy for both you and your cat. Wheatgrass/Catgrass are both edible, and are the same plant! There are many varieties out there with different colors (like variegated). Consult Helm’s landscaping for advice on what kind of plant to best use on your backyard.

Ornamental Grasses

Besides wheat grass fields, ornamental grasses like fescue and other similar plants are fun to grow. They’re very resistant to different temperatures and droughts as well. Other plants you could consider for your tiny yard include fountain grass and bamboo. These kinds of grasses are very resistant and both have advantages and disadvantages. Fountaingrasses are more popular and can provide you with long-lasting beauty throughout the year.

These grasses aren’t too hard to maintain and can give you more than long-lasting enjoyment. Bamboos make great natural fencing, providing you with a lot of privacy. They’re also tough, resisting bad soils and harsh weather. They also provide useful erosion control and add some beautiful foliage to your home all year long. If you’d like more information on what grass to try, ask Helm’s for what to use in your dream small yard.

Using Dwarf Trees for Your Yard

Fruit trees can be a very nice addition to any house. They’re attractive, make great windbreaks, and so much more. Yet, they can be very hard to maintain small. One good idea would be to plant dwarf trees in small pots! They won’t be as fruitful as large trees, but can still make a decent crop.

There are many kinds of tree and shrub bred to be small and easy to grow, perfect for a tiny backyard. With so many different kinds, it can be hard to choose on a varietal to grow and use for your backyard. Helm’s Landscaping can help design your dream backyard and give you advice on what tree to choose. From apples to even lemon trees, they can run through the options to help you get your dream backyard.

Flowers in Bloom: What Flowers Could You Use For My Backyard?

Another simple small backyard landscape idea would be using flowers to decorate it. There’s nothing more beautiful than having a tiny flower field your family can enjoy. Yet, what plants can you use? There are many kinds of beautiful flowers, and it can be tough to choose just one. Some flowers you could use are zinnias, petunias, and pansies.

Zinnias are very easy to grow and come in many shapes and sizes. They can make beautiful bouquets just as petunias can. Petunias are beautiful and come in varieties like “night sky”, where the flower looks like it is peppered with beautiful stars. Pansies are another alternative, being very versatile and beautiful. They’re very popular, and adorn neighborhoods all over the world.

How Can You Place These Flowers Around Your Backyard?

Organizing your tiny yard can be a cinch, but how can you make sure your yard balances out? It can be easy to get carried away with placing flowers around your backyard, so you should take the time to plan it out. With so many ways to place them around your yard, it can be difficult to pick one way.

Helm’s can help you design your dream yard with help from experienced experts who can get the job done. You can find a lot of inspiration by consulting them, but here are some fun ways you could organize your plants.

One way you could try amping up your yard’s beauty is by placing “fairy gardens” around your small yard. These gardens are small, but can provide big enjoyment! You can place them around the yard, where you can plant succulents in them and keep them year after year.

Also, you can use rectangle pots which you could fill with flowers all year round. Consider filling them with pansies or petunias, the former which provides enjoyment through the winter.

The Magic of the Shrubbery

Shrubs are another way to spice up your life. They can grow large in-ground, but they’re easy enough to control with some pruning. They can be very beautiful, and they can also bloom year-round. Shrubs can bless your tiny yard with many other benefits like erosion control, pollinator attraction, and more! Some popular shrubs include blueberries, hibiscus, and hollies.

You can make all these shrubs into topiaries. Hollies are a very good candidate for that, as they respond very well to pruning. If you’re looking for flowers that can both take the cold and bloom, then hibiscus and blueberries work. Remember to consider hardy hibiscus for colder places. Tropical hibiscus isn’t very tolerant of freezes or such kinds of weather.

Designing your Yard: Making it Beautiful

Now that we’ve explored flowers, shrubs, grass, and dwarf trees for your tiny yard, how can you combine them? There are so many ways to bring all these aspects together that it could make you feel overwhelmed. Yet, fear not! You can ask Helm’s for design ideas. Their expertise could help you make your dreams come true. Here are some ideas for designing your yard.

One idea for a beautiful backyard is arranging it into a tiny forest. You could get pots and arrange dwarf trees into different spots around your backyard. You could rim your backyard with tiny, seasonal flower beds which you can enjoy all season long. Another small backyard idea would be to get a small fountain surrounded by flowers. You could also create a zen garden of your own with bonsai and other ornaments!

Bottom Line

It can be a pain to work through the process of designing a yard with limited space. But it doesn’t have to be all complicated or expensive! Even if you feel lost, there’s a guiding light towards getting that perfect backyard lawn. With the experienced experts at Helm’s, you can work towards your tiny yard and get what you want. We can provide some inspiration and guide you on the right plants for your tiny backyard as well. Call us today!


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