Helping Our Community Overcome Fear As We Return to Work

Helping Our Community Overcome Fear As We Return to Work

At Helms Landscape Design, and across the country, people have come together to fight this virus by supporting workers serving on the frontlines, and by adapting to preventative measures to help mitigate the spread of illness. While these uncertain times have brought us together, they have also raised questions amongst employees and employers, justifiably so. As businesses across the country reopen and plan for economic recovery, workers are voicing their concerns. As we seek to reopen, we should address those concerns and carefully examine our response as the virus pushes us to our limits.

There are a number of ways business owners can help employees adapt to the changing environment as many return to work.

Be Transparent

While COVID-19 has taken many lives, being transparent and issuing timely information continues to save employers and employees. Those armed with good information are able to implement practical workplace measures that help sustain the economy and keep workers safe.

Be Mindful of Workers’ Well-Being & Safety

These uncertain times have affected everyone in different ways. Many are grappling with difficult economic losses, or changes in everyday routine activities. Employers do not know how exactly this virus has affected their employees’ mental and physical health. But by prioritizing safety, employers can become better prepared to enact safeguards in their workspaces like social distancing, temperature checks, rotating schedules, and so on.

We’re In This Together

While safety standards continue to become more aggressive to combat the virus, safety is already part of Helms Landscape Design’s core company values. Because we’ve maintained a commitment to health and safety before this pandemic, we will continue to do so to help reassure workers during this time. By taking active steps to advance workplace health and safety, everyone can feel more secure when facing these challenging times.

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