How We Keep Your Turf Cool During Summer With HydroChill Infill

How We Keep Your Turf Cool During Summer With HydroChill Infill

During the summer, it can be wonderful to cool off in the pool or enjoy a nice glass of lemonade. Your artificial turf, however, doesn’t always stay as cool as a sparkling swimming pool or icy beverage. With the Texas sun, some turf products, over time, overheat when they’re not kept at the right temperature or hosed down every once in a while. If the hot summer sun is barreling down on your artificial turf lawn for hours at a time and you simply don’t have the time or money to hose it down every now and then, Helms has an amazing product that may help you and your family maintain a cool lawn during the hotter months.

How it Works

Our HydroChill infill allows you to enjoy a stress-free and cool artificial turf lawn. The product works through evaporative cooling, ensuring a nice temperature drop for your turf. You’ll be able to walk on it and relax without feeling the consequences of the hot Texas sun. Without this infill, other turf grasses often do not feel the same. Hosing the turf down can help, but since it lacks HydroChill technology, some have a harder time managing extreme temperatures. Using water to cool off your turf will also mean more money out of pocket for water bills. Why pay more for water to cool off this season when this amazing tech is available? You’ll have more time on your hands to have fun with family and friends during those scorching hot days. 

Top Hydrochill Advantages

Besides giving you an edge over the heat, you’ll be able to make your pets more comfortable outdoors. Lower temperatures mean their sensitive paws won’t burn when stepping on the synthetic turf. Hydrochill Technology will also help your kids feel less affected by the heat. One study shared in Sports Med indicated that children are more affected by the heat compared to adults. This means that it’s important to help keep temperatures cooler for your little ones.

Another benefit of HydroChill technology is its ability to provide sun protection for your plants. If you have them in darker colored pots, they could suffer from the heat more intensely than lighter colors. With the use of this technology, you’d be able to better protect your plants so that they don’t dry out as quickly. During the summer, seedlings will also feel harsher effects from the sun. But with HydroChill technology, you can ensure that your plants remain cool throughout the season.

So You Learned How to Keep Your Turf Cool, Now What?

Overall, homeowners can experience a ton of long-term benefits using HydroChill. Though you may be overwhelmed, Helms Landscape Design, LLC. is here to help you whenever you need a helping hand. We employ many trained experts who can give you the guidance you need. Whether you choose synthetic turf or a natural lawn, we can help you maintain a beautiful yard that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Call us today or visit our website to learn more!

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