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10 Things to Consider When Installing an Artificial Turf Putting Green in Your Backyard

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Installing an artificial turf putting green at home isn’t easy. Outdoor, custom putting greens, when installed correctly, require specialized knowledge and proper materials to look and function like a natural grass golf course. Installing a DIY golf green not only invites the risk of hurting your game; it’ll hurt your wallet in the long run too. Avid golfers will tell you the devil’s in the details, which is why the putting green installation team at Helms Landscape Design compiled a list of 10 things to consider during putting green installation.

Excavating Your Yard

A professional putting green installation team will want to mark the dimensions of your putting green course using landscapers paint before the ground excavation begins. Make sure they include some space in their design outline for your turf’s fringe, and determine whether it will be included in the overall design of the greens. As installers prepare to excavate your yard, they will remove all organic materials. Natural grass, soil, or sod will be removed from the ground to a depth of about 6 feet.

Creating Break and Undulation

When replacing the removed organic materials, your installation team will fill the excavated area with crushed gravel. Then, they usually will rake and water the area to create the greens surface with the undulation you desire.

Base Preparation

The quality of your backyard putting green course relies on the quality of your base. If your sub-base isn’t installed correctly, you can suffer through unsafe gaps in your turf and uneven surfaces. Even the best synthetic turf doesn’t last very long when paired with a sub-par base. The best base for your backyard putting green area is one that absorbs and drains water from its surface.

Cup Placement

Installing golf cups takes some skill. A professional installation team will want to arrange the cup sleeves in their desired positions first. Next, remove gravel from the area so that the sleeve sits as flush with the surface level as possible. Slowly compact the area until the sleeve is level with the final grade. After that, gently fill any surrounding areas with gravel, water, and compact it down. Your cups should sit in their sleeves with the lip about ¼” above its base.

Seaming with Glue and Tape

When seaming artificial turf putting greens, a professional installation team has several options. Seaming with glue and tape can be labor-intensive, but this method is sturdy. Also, seaming with glue and tape is a commonly used method for putting green installation because it’s dense and short. Other unsightly items like staples and nails may stick out from the turf’s surface. 

Sod Staples & Nails

Using sod staples and nails is a simple and cost-effective way of seaming your putting green turf area together. But, in our experience, it won’t be as sturdy as using seaming glue and tape. Over time, with foot traffic and changes in weather, sod staples and nails can loosen and peek from the ground.

It’s important to consider getting your putting greens area reexamined after a few years by a professional putting greens installation team to ensure that it’s still secured in place and working its best. Helms can help you throughout your artificial turf putting greens maintenance journey. With our help, enjoy an artificial turf maintenance plan and a manicured putting green lawn that lasts year-round! 


A turf putting green is built to simulate a natural grass golf course. Using the right infill not only protects your turf from UV degradation and shifting, it ensures your course stability. Infill provides surface stability, a smooth play surface, withstands foot traffic and weight distribution. Without the right infill, pockets of dips and uneven areas can impact your game and create an uneven playing environment. 

What Chipping in Golf Does to Damage Putting Greens

Golfers know that perfecting their chipping technique can make all the difference with their score and short game. So, when it comes to installing an artificial turf putting green in your backyard, you want your personal, private golf course to stand up to all aspects of the game.

Before you hire a professional artificial turf putting greens installation team in Houston Texas, ask about their ability to install a putting and chipping green. Learn what’s covered under warranty, what kind of lifespan one can expect from a chipping green, and their experience with this type of installation before they build a putting green in your backyard.

When installing an artificial turf putting green, make sure your installation team uses the proper backing and base. Bare turf on concrete does not last as well as turf that is laid over a proper base or matting to absorb chipping shots and misplaced swings.

If you wonder how putting greens are made, or why the cost of hiring a professional installation team is worth it, it is because professional installation is designed for chipping with a proper base. Knowing these crucial installation steps helps ensure less damage as you improve your golf game from the comfort of your backyard. Without this attention to detail and comprehension of the right backing materials, your turf won’t be durable and your club won’t travel as well while playing. 

How Much Does Putting Green Installation Cost?

Most homeowners will dish out anywhere between $10 to $30 per sq ft to have a putting green installed in their yard. Pricing will change based on the size and scope of your individual project. Turf type used can also impact pricing. Typically, the larger your golf green area, the less you’ll pay per square foot as most putting green installers lower their rates for substantial projects.

Keep Installation Costs Down

Putting Green Turf Installation also involves factors like pricing. You must consider the cost of each kind of putting green as it can vary. Depending on the product selection, the installation price can range from inexpensive to a pretty penny per square foot. Asking your turf installation specialist about how to keep costs down will help you keep track of the overall cost.

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