FX Landscape Lighting

Helms Landscaping also designs your lighting to suit your specific needs of your individual home. For example, let’s say you allow your pets or your children to play in one area of your backyard and you want lights where they are. We can provide you with a custom FX solution that allows you to simply turn your lights on or off with one simple touch on your phone.

We can also install path lights to light up specific walkways that will improve the ambiance of your outdoor living space. Let’s say your family enjoys watching movies on your outdoor screen projector, and you want film lighting to perfectly set the tone for the key moments. With our state-of-the-art FX lighting solutions, you can pre-program your lights to fit any activity, anytime and anywhere.

Our FX Lighting Solutions:

  • FX Luminaire ® quality landscape and architectural lighting
  • Ewing Irrigation industry-leading lights