How to Have A Manicured Turf Lawn Year-Round

How to Have A Manicured Turf Lawn Year-Round With Helms Landscape 

Artificial lawns can be an awesome, trouble-free way of beautifying your home. Having green grass all year also adds beauty to your life and space without the hassle and upkeep of a real lawn. Even though the Halloween holiday is fast approaching, we don’t want your loved ones and guests to become scared of spending time in your turf lawn because of how dirty or disheveled it is. Never fear! Helms can help you throughout your artificial turf maintenance journey. With our expert help, you can receive the benefits of an artificial turf maintenance plan and a manicured turf lawn that’s built to last all-year-round! 

Cleaning Up Your Artificial Turf: Reblooming and Leaf Cleaning

One of the main reasons people love turf is because artificial lawns can withstand a lot of traffic and pressure. From withstanding weather elements, human traffic, and pet exposure, it can seemingly survive it all. But even though our quality turf resists a lot, artificial grass may eventually lie flat due to age, extensive foot traffic, etc. That’s where reblooming synthetic turf comes in!

Reblooming is a process by which artificial grass is restored so that it stands up and looks fresh. The procedure is simple but effective. We work meticulously to make sure every turf blade is standing back up so that you can have a natural looking lawn as long as possible. Cleaning up your lawn along with reblooming would surely be a hassle for most homeowners.

Thankfully, you can get help from the pros today! Helms Landscape LLC can help you with reblooming your turf and blowing away those excess, unwanted leaves off your lawn. Most of us would rather buy our Halloween decorations at a store as opposed to seeing them sprout along our backyards. Which is why we also specialize in clearing out messy cobwebs that form along your turf after much time has passed. 

Cleaning Up Your Turf From Further Debris

An integral part of artificial turf maintenance is ensuring your lawn is free from debris. Depending on where you are, traffic from trucks and pets can make a big mess. Things like dust, dander, pebbles and other debris could soil your synthetic grass. However, it isn’t too difficult to clean it off. Oftentimes, you can just hose your turf down but sometimes it might take more effort. When your turf has been exposed to a lot of debris, it’s time to call a professional turf cleaner like Helms Landscape! We can spruce up your yard all year-round. 

It’s important to be aware of what debris you’re facing. Bird feces, spider webs, and so many more contaminants can seep into your artificial turf. Helms can eradicate the grime by keeping it off your lawn throughout the year. Contact us to learn about and receive a range of options when it comes to lawn care. Even if you accidentally spill some paint on your turf while spraying a costume prop or adorning your Jack-o’-lantern outside this Halloween season, Helms can make those accidents disappear! 

Checking Seams and Edges

Even though synthetic grass can be tough, issues can crop up from time-to-time. Seams are one of these issues even though they aren’t that harmful. Checking your seams is an essential part of artificial turf maintenance and it is easier said than done, so it’s best to leave it to the pros at Helms to fix them. 

With tectonic movements, the ground can sink and cause the edges in your terrain to be more visible. Even if your artificial lawn has a lot of edges, there is still hope to fix it. A trained expert from Helms can identify these issues during your artificial turf maintenance by making sure there are no edges or seams. We can not only help you with checking your seams and edges, but we can also deodorize your lawn, too!

How To Deal With Nasty Lawn Odors

Smelling a foul odor wafting through the air is chilling and unpleasant. And while a nasty lawn may sound appropriate for one scary holiday, it’s definitely a nuisance the rest of the year. Did you know that dog and cat waste can stick around in your lawn even after you clean it up? Even if it is cleaned, the residue can cause odd odors to linger as time passes. It may be time to apply some artificial lawn pet deodorizer by that point. This will ensure your lawn is free of stenches and mysterious odors.

Lawn deodorant is an easy way to get your synthetic turf grass cleaned. There are many deodorizer sprays out there, but with Helms’ guided expertise, you’ll know you’re getting the best applied to your lawn. Turf Deodorizers are made from chemicals that are safe for pets and people, some of which give your lawn a freshly-cut-grass scent! The pros at Helms can certainly help you deal with these problems with ease. Their trained experts can bring about the magic you need to banish these monstrous maladies away! 

Removing Stains

Stains are a common issue when you have artificial turf. From pet to dirt stains, it can be a problem having everything cleaned out but it doesn’t need to be. A simple spray of water for mild stains can take care of it, though you can have problems with tougher stains. Stronger stains might need something like mineral spirits or other similar cleaning products to get the job done. For tougher stains that even mineral spirits might not take out, it might be time to call Helms Landscape.

Helms’s trained stain-fighting professionals will help assess your unique situation and give you insight into what you should do with the stain and whether or not it might be salvageable. Also, Helms’s expertise can not just help you in stains but they can assess the quality of your turf as well. Not all turf is made equally, and with their help, you can rest easy knowing the options. Besides removing stains, another critical part of synthetic lawn maintenance is assessing whether or not your turf is near the end of its life.

Is Your Turf Too Old?

Your artificial grass may have reached the end of its lifespan. Depending on the level of use, artificial turf grass can last between 15 to 25 years. There can be many signs that it needs some turf maintenance, and one of these signs is damage on the grass itself. Sometimes, fires break out and cause damage to your turf. This may mean that it is time to change it. 

You may also need to change it if it’s damaged or the seams are showing through. Even though hiding one or two seams/edges may be easy, it gets complicated when there are several to tackle. It can be more cost-effective to simply replace the whole lawn sometimes. There are also issues with wear-and-tear too. Sometimes it can get to the point that you need to replace entire chunks ripped off by strong weather conditions.

Manicured Turf Lawn: The Bottom Line

It may be difficult to decide on how to maintain your lawn so that it lasts all year long. Ensuring your lawn is free from leaves and other debris can be difficult with a busy lifestyle, too. Yet, it doesn’t have to be with Helms Landscape by your side. With Helms, you can take charge of your lawn and ensure that it’ll be there for you throughout every season. Call us today to get in touch.

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