The Benefits of Applying Compost Top Dressing to Your Lawn

Your backyard is an amazing place full of possibilities. You get to experience the wonders of nature in the comfort of your home. However, sometimes upkeep can be an issue with different or poor soils. You may have issues like plants not growing or having worse health as the years go by. If you don’t pay attention to the nutrients in your lawn, you may end up having problems with grass dying. Starting from the roots up is the best way to ensure that you have a well-kept and happy lawn. Compost top dressing is an amazing addition to any garden and can make it fresh and green. It is a soil builder, which means it promotes the development of organisms that help the soil become healthy. 

There are many benefits besides soil building, but what is this amazing product? Let’s start by explaining what compost is.

What Is Compost?

Compost is an amazing fertilizer for lawns, as it can supplement the soil with organic nutrients and many benefits. This awesome addition to your lawn or garden is made out of many ingredients. Oftentimes, compost makers use manure, leaves, grass clippings, and a variety of other materials that all have their part in a mix. These ingredients are important as they give the mix different elements necessary for plants.

There are two ways that compost for lawns is made, one of these which is vermicomposting. The “vermi” in vermicomposting refers to the fact that worms are used in this method of composting. The difference between this and normal composting is simply the worms. Earthworms are added to the mix and they break down the waste faster than through normal composting means. They even enrich the soil through the castings they make!

Difference Between Fertilizer and Compost: Pros and Cons of Fertilizer

Now, you might be wondering what’s the difference between fertilizer and compost. Compost and fertilizer are both different and the same, though they provide different functions. Fertilizers for lawns often feed the plant directly, providing raw nutrients while compost works more slowly. Chemical fertilizers often work better if you’d like to provide a higher concentration of nutrients compared to organic ones. However, there are disadvantages to using fertilizers for your garden or yard.

One of the biggest disadvantages of using these amazing supplements is how they can “burn” your plants if overapplied. When you apply too much chemical fertilizer, plants can die or rot due to excessive chemicals. It can be a hassle measuring the right amount for your plants as well, which is why you should leave this to the pros. Helms can help you get the right measurement and keep the guesswork out of your garden or yard!

Compost vs Fertilizer For Lawns: Pros and Cons of Compost

Compost, unlike fertilizer, has a lot more benefits. One of these benefits is building the soil, meaning that it makes a healthy soil system. Friendly organisms help break down the compost and release the nutrients within. Compost also allows a slow release of nutrients, so you wouldn’t need to worry about overfertilizing it right away. However, besides these benefits, there are some disadvantages as well.

Compost tends to break down slowly. Unlike chemical fertilizer, you will need to wait a while before you see some difference in your plant’s growth. You might also have issues in the wintertime or colder months with the compost on your lawn not breaking down well. Besides these disadvantages, the good things about this amazing substance far outweigh the bad. With compost by your side, you’ll be able to successfully have a green lawn in no time at all!

Where to Find Compost Top Dressing

Now that you know the benefits of compost, where can you find this amazing product? There are many places where you can find this product, one of these places is the garden center. Stores like these have a lot of customers for their compost, and it wouldn’t be difficult to obtain it for your lawn. This is but one of the many places where you can get compost top dressing near you, as it wouldn’t be difficult to make it yourself. It is likely local associations or even universities may have initiatives for making your compost.

There are also many reasons to make your own compost. For example, it can be cheaper than buying it yourself. Also, you can reduce what otherwise ends up in landfills while you get hands-on experience in the process of how things break down. However, there are also issues like only being able to make a small amount if your house is small. You may also need to invest in bigger containers or equipment.

What Compost Top Dressing Means For You: Final Remarks

Compost top dressing is a great product that can revolutionize your gardening or lawn experience. It can greenify your lawn and do so much more. Even though this product can do so much, it can be difficult to decide on where and how to apply. Depending on where you live or how much land you own, there are varying costs that can put a dent in your bank. That’s where Helms Landscape Design comes in.

We can evaluate your yard and guide you into the right path to getting your compost needs solved. With so many choices in compost and the hassle of making it yourself, it can be hard to think about where to start. Helms Landscaping Design, LLC. can give you advice such as where to get the right compost top dressing for your yard and how to apply it. We can also give you the right guidance to what brand of compost top dressing may serve you best. Our compost experts can tell you whether or not a particular fertilizer is the right choice for your lawn.

Bottom Line

Overall, it can be difficult to think about what you should do with compost. With so many choices, you might be intimidated by taking a step further. Don’t be afraid, for Helms has your back. Our trained experts can give you the best advice so that you stay informed. Call us today!

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